Bible, culture, & me!

Ryan and I are so excited to start the blog!  We are continually discovering how the Bible speaks to culture, media, movies, government, and relationships and how we as Christians are to respond in light of ever-changing trends in thinking. We both spend a significant amount of time addressing modern day issues with those we minister to at church and in my counseling practice. We have realized that most of us struggle to know exactly what the Bible says and how it applies in the 21st century.

There is nothing I find more exciting than discovering how God’s Truth shines light to even the most “modern”of issues. This world is ever-changing and there are seemingly “new” trends in pop culture everyday. However, Ecclesiastes 1:9 tells us,”There is nothing new under the sun.” This is the theme verse for our blog. It is to encourage and empower us to remember that regardless of the newest diagnosis, trends in relationships, rulings by the courts, and confusing elections- God’s Word speaks to all of it! Our hope is that our readers will be equip to speak confidently about relevant issues from a Biblical perspective and to know that Bible, culture, and me is a perfect fit!  Stay tuned for posts on movies, pop culture, transgender debate, and yes even the bachelorette! We would love to hear from our readers and will accept requests for issues to address!

Below is a post from my social media about the movie “Me Before You”. I received so many “thank you for writing this” responses and this post was so widely shared that it was the final inspiration for starting ! Enjoy!

Me Before You Review:

Me Before You is an incredibly disturbing movie, and not because it’s supposed to be the new chick flick that makes girls cry and cuddle with their boyfriends. For those of you that don’t know -spoiler alert- it has a major suicide message. And I’m not going to say “it has a death with dignity” theme. As a counselor who works daily with people struggling with a desire to live, urges to commit suicide, hopelessness, and depression – this movie is incredibly offensive and sends a horrible message. Someone losing the ability to walk is not an excuse for suicide.

I actually heard someone say as I was walking out of the movie “Well, he was dead anyway (since he had lost use of his legs)”. That is a terrifying conclusion.

If there is anything that is true, it’s the fact that the main character was dead in the spiritual sense. He became depressed because he lost all the “things” that he found his worth in. Will Trayner did not need help in committing suicide, he needed help in finding the true purpose in life – a relationship with Christ.

And while, yes I know it’s a fictitious story, it is a dangerous way to normalize and romanticize the tragedy of suicide.



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